Xin Bai Wang Plastic Products

Renqiu City Xin Bai Wang Plastic Products Factory
Tel: 0086-317-3800052
mobiles: 0086-13833724731
Renqiu City Xin Baiwang plastic products factory is the production of various cargo, passenger cars, agricultural vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural harvesters and other engine cooling fan leaves the professional manufacturers, with more than 10 years of production experience. Products have passed JB / T6723.2-93 quality inspection standards. The installation and use of metal fans and the same, in the performance is superior to metal fans, with light weight, air volume, strong ability to stop boiling, high strength, toughness, impact resistance, vibration, corrosion resistance, high temperature Characteristics, is the current domestic car fan to plastic on behalf of the ideal steel products.
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